- Hippotherapy

This session is conducted by a licensed physical therapist or an occupational therapist along with a therapeutic riding instructor and is offered to and provided for:

  • Children and teens with physical handicaps or those in need of physical therapy or occupational therapy.

  • Physical therapy, using the horse as the treatment tool in order to achieve a specific therapy goal depending on the needs of each individual child.

- Children in the Middle

This is a group session instructed by a therapeutic riding instructor and has no more than three participants in a group. This session is offered to:

  • Children and teens dealing with the separation of their parents or loved ones, and who are having a difficult time adjusting to a changing family structure.

  • Siblings of special needs children and teens who are feeling left out due to the time and energy that is taken to care for their challenged brother or sister.

  • Children and teens that would benefit from the socialization and learning skills that come with the interaction of others in a group setting. This would include beginner riders who have had previous private lessons.

- Therapeutic Riding

This session is instructed by a therapeutic riding instructor, and is offered to:

  • Children and teens with a lesser degree of physical challenges who are not in need of a physical therapist during a riding session.

  • Children and teens with behavioral and/or emotional challenges.

  • Children and teens overcoming serious illness or trauma.

- Beginner Riding Lessons 

This session is offered to teach basic riding skills and horsemanship under the supervision, instruction and guidance of a certified instructor. Horse anatomy, care, grooming, tacking and handling are also incorporated into our session not only for educational purposes but to develop and foster responsibility:
     We offer private, personalized sessions, focusing on achieving physical and educational development, as well as socialization using fun activities in a safety oriented, enjoyable setting.

Jaf's Programs

Our staff is made up of PATH International certified therapeutic riding instructors, a licensed physical therapist and occupational therapist.

Each of these professionals determines their riders current abilities and future goals. An individual session plan is developed and implemented using a positive step-by-step gradual progression in hopes of taking each child or teen beyond their acquired limits, building new skills and resulting in new found confidence and self esteem that can be carried over to other life situations outside the arena.  We pride ourselves in providing services that meet the needs of our riders.