"Easy Tom" is a Quarter/Thoroughbred cross gelding born March 7, 1996. 
He is chestnut in color and stands 15.3 hands.  Tom was an “Ohio Cowboy Mounted Shooters” horse before coming to our riding center.  Cowboy mounted shooting is a competitive equestrian sport where the contestant rides through patterns shooting balloon targets as he maneuvers his horse throughout the course. Tom’s previous owner also trail rode Tom in many state parks and so has been ridden many trail miles and has been a very athletic horse.

Tom is our all around lesson horse.  He is suitable for the youngest inexperienced rider to competitive eventing professional riding.  His most cherished quality is his gentle disposition and calm nature.  He loves games and will stand happily throughout the standing game time portion of our lesson while the rider may be tossing bean bags into hula hoops, or playing catch with the instructor using different types of tactile objects and over various parts of Tom’s body, never becoming bothered by the occasional missed catch which could unexpectedly land anywhere.

Tom’s favorite past time is food.  He lives to eat and gives a pathetic whinny and performs his notorious head bob dance move when anyone passes the hay bales!


Lucky, Sy and their offspring are our Curly horse family. Lucky and Sy have been the proud parents of three colts and one filly over the past several years. Our family of Curlies are enjoyed by children and parents alike. They have seen firsthand as each new foal has grown and matured. It is a fascinating learning experience. Families have witnessed the care Lucky gives to her foals and her watchful eye as the foal’s curious nature leads to many entertaining happenings. 

​There are many similarities in life between horses and humans that can be seen when watching the love between a mare and her foal and the ever present protectiveness she possess. Some of our timid riders become more comfortable with horses because of the less imposing stature of the youngsters. Our Curly foals all love to be handled and have affectionate, loving dispositions. 

“ Sara’s Lucky Charm” is a white Bashkir Curly pony mare.   Lucky is 14.1 hands and was born  October 15, 1996 in Kentucky. Lucky’s eyes have an oriental slant, with a soft, sleepy look, and curly eyelashes.  She has a friendly disposition, is very intelligent and has an amazing memory. Her mannerism is calm and confident with a relaxing stride at the walk. Her movement at the trot has suspension and is an energetic, quicker paced trot which is suitable for the more outgoing rider.

Lucky loves nurturing her young but is a no-nonsense mare that is very good at teaching and protecting her foals.

"Bosco" is a Standardbred/Morgan cross gelding and stands 15.3 hands.  His color is seal brown with a black coat that gleams.  Bosco is a kind soul and very affectionate with an easy going attitude.  His stride is graceful and provides comfort for our riders.  Bosco also drives and joyfully pulls the cart with our students throughout the arena and outdoors around the barn.  A bit different than his days pulling an Amish buggy out on the open road but happily goes along.



"Lucky's Leviticus" is a chestnut Bashkir Curly pony gelding and second in line of Lucky and Sy's offspring.  He is 14 hands and was born September 1, 2007 on our farm.  Levi's markings are a bald face and left and right hind stockings.
Levi is sweet, loving and kind and is a true friend to his riders.  He also has been cart trained and can be used in our driving program.


First, we have "Easy Tom" who is a Quarter/Thoroughbred Cross Gelding born March 7, 1996. He is chestnut in color and stands 15.3 hands. 

Next, we have our American Bashkir Curly Horse Family which is an unusual breed of horse known for their curly coats. Curly horses can withstand extremely cold temperatures. They shed out their thick, curly coat after winter leaving a wavy lighter coat in spring. They are also hypoallergenic, which enables them to be used as therapy horses for riders with allergy symptoms. 

​​Last we have Bosco, a Standardbred/Morgan Cross.  He is approximately 12 years old and joined our herd in August of 2017. He was previously owned by an Amish family in Homerville, Ohio.  He is loved by all and settled in quite well with the other horses here at our farm. 

                “Lucky’s Lakota Sun” is a dark chestnut Bashkir Curly gelding and another of Lucky and Sy’s offspring.  He is 14.2 hands and was born April 7, 2009 on our farm.  His markings are a blaze with muzzle and upper and lower lip and has left and right hind stockings.  Lakota is playful, fun-loving and energetic and sometimes has a bit of a mischievous twinkle in his eye.  He has become some of our volunteer riders enjoyable past times when work is done.



  “Sunday Sylence” is a black Bashkir Curly Horse and our ex-stallion.  Sy is 15.1 hands and was born July 13, 2002 in Indiana. Sy has a masculine, powerful appearance.  He is bold and prefers to face the unknown rather than run from it, as a result, he has become a very reliable trail horse.  He also has a very curious nature and is incredibly playful. Sy enjoys picking up objects and tossing whatever he may come across just for the fun of it while strutting along with a proud carriage.

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